Affiliate Commissions Disclaimer
Last Updated on March 15, 2019
At KonceptGenesis (and sub-companies), we help ordinary people make money online by getting real results instead of wandering around the digital marketing wasteland.

We believe that everyone can build courses, sell products, and make a full-time income if they have the tools and skill sets necessary to be successful. None of those skillets are “born” they are learned. We want to help each and every person that has a desire to learn to have the opportunity to learn the real stuff, not the fluffy junk that gets you fake Ferrari’s in your garage on an hour lease so you can make goofy Facebook ads.

In doing such teaching, we use a lot of tools. And, these tools and resources have affiliate programs of which we are a part. 

While we do not promote a resource just to get an affiliate commission, we do promote affiliate products we believe in. 

Affiliate Links

When we recommend products we believe add value, we’ll link to that company’s website using what is usually referred to as an affiliate (or referral) link. Bottom line, if you end up purchasing a product through our link, we will get a commission from the vendor. In some cases, it’s just a few dollars. 

Sometimes it’s a large sum. Other times, it’s an ongoing comission that pays monthly as long as you subscribe to the vendor’s product.

The referral commission never costs you anything. It’s 100% from the vendor’s wallet.

Even though we are only going to promote products we believe in, we want everyone to know when they are following an affiliate link. 

Again, some people use affiliate links just because they want to earn the commission. We will not do that, ever. We only promote products we think you could (and should) use in your digital marketing pursuits. 


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